Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kill Team team still chugging.

Here is a small update on my Kill Team (IG portion).

As you can see I have been very unproductive! The entire IG team is built and I'm working on the Inquisitor retinue as well. I should have a more significant update in the near future.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a rules update for Kill Team: Heralds of Ruin  over on the Facebook page. Hop on in if you want to help out or just hurl insults our way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

W40k Kill Team/ INQ28 Part 2

Chugging away at this project. I finished of my first Guard sergeant to test the paint scheme.

I like the blue face paint I added on a whim.

I also finished my Commissar (from the Baneblade commander figure).

The Bounty Hunter

I went back and added hazard stripes to the chainsword and bolter.

This is one of my two IG Veterans, I'll spare you the other until I decide if I like him.

And my final update for this post is my first Inquisitor.

What do you think?