Tuesday, December 29, 2015

W40k Kill Team/ INQ28

And now for something totally different.

So... I may have gotten the itch to bust out an old pack of Imperial Guard Cadians (and a poorly painted Chimera) that I purchased ages ago. This may have led to an Ebay splurge on random bits. I may have also found a copy of Inquisitor at my local used book store.

I never bought into Warhammer 40K because I found the entry point entirely too high and the rules entirely too complicated for my liking. However, I've always loved the fluff. Espiacially the fluff surrounding the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum). As a former Army Infantryman I was really able to identify with the average ground pounder of the 41st millennia. I devoured almost everything Dan Abnett wrote in the universe (I find most of the other authors lacking). Anyway, I recently stumbled over the Kill Team: Heralds of Ruin rules variant via Guerrilla Miniature Games and that reignited my desire to play 40k. More importantly It has a low cost of entry! So here is my partially assembled force of IG for Kill Team (I'll work out the fluff soon).

Group Shot
Characters Front
My roughed out paint scheme on my old beat up Chimera (It is unfinished at the moment)

On to Inquisitor!

So, I mentioned the various parts and pieces I picked up on Ebay.... my wife is very forgiving. After spotting the rules and picking them up on a whim I went full in with the minis. So far I have 3 Inquisitors, 2 Guard Veterans, a Bounty Hunter, and 2 Rogue Traders.

Inquisitor 1 ( Ordo Xenos)

Inquisitor 2 (Ordo Malleus)

Inquisitor 3 (Ordo Hereticus)

Guard Veteran 1
Guard Veteran 2
Bounty Hunter
Rogue Trader Captain
Rogue Trader Security Chief

I'm working on a few more figure kit bash/ conversions at the moment, including one more Inquisitor (who needs 4 Inquisitors?). Hopefully I can get these primed today and start on the painting. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the kits I used to create these.



  1. Came across this via LAF. That's a very impressive start to the project. I especially like the stuff for Inquisitor - can't wait to see it painted.

  2. Nice looking project. Good thing about GW there are tons of kits to kitbash from.