Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Frostgrave Soldiers

I finally received my Frostgrave stuff last week. Part of it was a box of twenty soldiers. It comes with 4 identical sprues. Each sprue comes with 5 unique bodies, 10 unique heads, 2 unique shields, assorted weapons (Xbow, bow, 2 handed, and 1 handed weapons), and various accessories (bags, ropes, pouches). Overall the kit is smartly designed, everything fits together nicely and gives a great overall effect. I highly recommend it.

Below are some pictures of my warband in various stages of completion.

Metal Knight

Metal Templar

My assembled warband. The primed figures are my metal Wizard and Apprentice, the Warhound is Reaper Bones.

Finally we have some assembled extras that my warband may employ in the future. Two of the figures are on Gripping Beast Saxon bodies as I needed them to be in chain mail.

They are in my garage drying from a coat of black primer at the moment. Hopefully you will get to see them painted up soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Broken Tower

So I got a large foam block in a package I ordered and decided to do up a tower for a new game called Frostgrave ( )

I began by attaching foam core to the outside, carving the stone work with a pen and attaching coffee stirrers.

I then cut it to the desired shape

Next I carved out some of the top to add debris to later

I filled the top with sand and base coated with black

Next I painted it grey and gave it a few drybrushes

I then added various bits for a light steampunk feel, painted it brass and washed it with citadel Nihilakh Oxide. After that it was just a matter of adding various things and giving it a good covering of snow for that frozen city look.

Overall i think it turned out well. Not exactly what I had envisioned at the start but not bad either.

Dragons Don't Share 2

First up is my rendition of the Dragons Don't Share set by Reaper.

For this set I decided to use Game Decor Paints on the baseing and stone. I mounted the piece on a clip board (lol).

From there I simply flocked it using woodlands scenics products.

After that I began painting the dragon. Interestingly enough, the owner of game decor paints approached me with an offer to paint up my dragon in some of his new unreleased paints. I agreed and was very happy I did. The paints are most excellent.

Blocked in colors.

Some details.


 After a wash.

Some Highlighting.

A bit more detailing.

And a finished dragon

Next I went back to the ruins to add some additional vegetation. For this I used Army Painter poison ivy and swamp grass tufts.

I think it gave a nice effect to the project. Overall I'm queit happy with the way it turned out. The sculpt from Reaper ( www.reapermini.com ) was great and  the game decor ( http://gamedecor.com/ ) paints are some of the best I've worked with ( and the prices are great!). I encourage everyone to check them out!


Hello everyone!

My name is Joshua and this is my blog. I just wanted to start off by introducing myself. I have been building and painting Miniatures and Terrain now for about three years. I'm not terribly good at it but I've been known to catch a few compliments for my work. Hopefully this can be a space for me to talk about what I'm currently up to in the crazy world of 25-32mm minis. I don't gt to game much as I spend most of my hobby time completing whatever mad project I'm on at the moment. This is all rather boring so I'll wrap it up now. I hope you like my blog, I'll try to update it as often as I can. Feel free to leave comments!