Wednesday, February 17, 2016

RelicBlade and my Lava Castle Terrain

I'm not sure if you guys have heard of RelicBlade yet, but it is a new tabletop miniature game with RPG elements. It requires few minis and a 2x2 playing surface. It is in Kickstarter at the moment ( ). The creater is a comic book artist who sculpted, did the art, and wrote the rules on his own. Check out his website here: and the Facebook group here: . Any way on to the good stuff!

I started with an initial sketch inspired by RelicBlade's author own Castle.

  I carved the terrain from 2 inch thick pink foam and glued it to mdf.

 Afterward I applied a thick coat of acrylic caulk and brushed it out.

I then glued sand to the rock.

Primed the entire thing black.

Drybrushed in several shades of grey.

 Painted the lava with white, orange, yellow, and reds. I also did a light drybrush of black.

 I'm now working on the man made features of the board. First up is this wip of one of my rope bridges. It's only string and various craft sticks. I'll have more soon.

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